Our Staff & Departments

Administrative Department

The PAHA Administrative Department consists of the Executive Director and Administrative Assistant who are the direct line to the Board of Commissioners. The Executive Director represents the PAHA in all matters concerning program challenges, public relations, advocacy and legislation, meeting with federal, state and tribal officials as well as addressing the housing requirements, needs, planning and objectives of the Authority. Contact the Administrative Department at:  kvallo@acomahousing.org.

Executive Director

Krystal Vallo
Administrative Assistant

Rhiannon Ray

Housing Service Department

The PAHA Housing Services Department is responsible for the homeownership, low-income housing and non-low-income housing programs. The department oversees the property management, client intake and eligibility determination as well as manages the wait list and conducts annual re-certification of income and family composition. This department also coordinates affordable housing activities, such as mortgage assistance and homebuyer counseling. Contact the Housing Services Department at: rvallo@acomahousing.org.

Rose Vallo
Interim Executive Director/Housing Services Manager

Sherri Carr
Housing Services Counselor

Housing Services Counselor II

Chandler Sanchez
Mortgage Specialist

Finance Department

The PAHA Finance Department is the fiscal arm of the Authority that administers and maintains the organization’s accounting systems, including payroll, budgets, vendors and federal and other grants, contracts and agreements. The Finance Department is also responsible for conducting the annual audit, providing quarterly budget reports to the Board of Commissioners and assisting with PAHA’s Annual Performance Report and Indian Housing Plan. Contact the Finance Department at: ggarcia@acomahousing.org.  

Finance Manager

Gwen Garcia
Accounting Technician

Calene Pedro

Development/Maintenance Department

The PAHA Development and Maintenance Department manages the development activities and maintenance of the Authority’s properties. The department is responsible for the development of policies, plans, budgets, programs and services for affordable housing including new construction and rehabilitation of existing units. Department staff monitor the design and construction progress, as well as develop grant and funding proposals to support the Authority’s programs. Contact the Development and Maintenance Department at: gtouchin@acomahousing.org.

Francisco “Chico” Carr
Development Manager

Development Admin. Assistant

Wayne Salvador
Project Manager

Project Manager

Geraldine Touchin
Maintenance/Facilities Manager

Andrew Honyaktewa