Our Board of Commissioners

The PAHA Board of  Commissioners is composed of five voting members, one representative from the Pueblo of Acoma Tribal Council and one representative from the Tribal Administration, both are ex-officio members. All members are appointed by the Pueblo of Acoma Tribal Council for four-year staggered terms. A Commissioner does not have to be Pueblo of Acoma tribal member. For inquiries about the PAHA Board of Commissioners, please contact Krystal Vallo at kvallo@acomahousing.org.

Michael Salvador
Chairman of the Board of Commissioners

“We all understand our commitment as Board of Commissioners and take pride that our actions will benefit the current and future needs of the Pueblo. My hope is that eventually we can provide housing needs for all income levels within the Pueblo of Acoma and possibly the surrounding communities. I also hope PAHA would someday design and build their own housing developments using other methods of home construction, like rock or adobe.”

Nina Jaramillo
Board of Commissioners

Raymond Concho, Jr.
Board of Commissioners

“Every Acoma child and family should have a safe and decent home. As tribal leaders have expressed, we work to bring our Acoma people home – so we need to develop housing, education, jobs and a safe environment. We need to build living conditions.”

Marietta Juanico
Board of Commissioners

“I have learned that PAHA has given so many families a place to live and much needed shelter for our children within our community. I hope to see our tribal housing program continue to assist our people and offer young families with the ways to establish good ways of living and to have a home with a good living environment for a family.”

Marty Torivio, Jr.
Board of Commissioners

“My hope for the future of tribal housing is for it to continue to keep growing and progressing. If I look back to when I was growing up, we didn’t have as many homes as we do today. If we continue this motivational drive, anything is possible. Sky’s the limit!”

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